Bass Guitar and Backing Vocals

M by John Price.jpg

Now with over 8 years as a professional live performer, M has an amazing attention to detail that allows her to lock in with the drums with frightening precision. With a hugely dynamic personality that flows through every one of her energetic live performances, M is earning respect as a classy professional with an infectious flair, supporting this with quality backing vocals.

After training as a Studio sound engineer at East Birmingham College, M moved to Cambridge and focused on the Bass where she was tutored and mentored by Fran Okaine (Grasshoppa). Then, after moving to the Highlands of Scotland, M turned professional when she took up an intimate entertainment residency at a beautiful historic Highland music venue, performing to international audiences. There M worked in different collaborations and gained experience in production, songwriting and radio broadcast.

"Flea's (Red Hot Chilli Peppers) philosophy of "Play every note like it's your last!" has always rang true for me, every note I play I mean. Flea, Steve Harris (Iron Maiden) and John Entwhistle (The Who) have been a massive influence on my choosing the bass as my first instrument. Albums which have touched me particularly have been Iron Maiden and Killers (Iron Maiden), Led Zeppelin III (Led Zeppelin), Black Sabbath (Black Sabbath) and Wish You Were Here (Pink Floyd). Amongst other influences such as AC/DC, early Metallica, The Offspring and Bob Marley, I am partial to a small amount of happy hardcore and Jungle.

The most memorable gigs I have attended was an Iron Maiden Fan Club, Clive Burr Benefit Concert at Shephards Bush Empire, a fantastic energy was created that evening. Another memorable gig was Donnington 95', when Metallica took the stage to headline everything suddenly became clear especially the sound and what a stunning magical performance. Last but not least I was lucky enough to attend a Zappa Plays Zappa concert at Birmingham Symphony Hall which blew me away, the most inspirational thing I have ever attended.

I have been a lucky owner of a Status Buzzard bass designed over many years by John Entwistle. The bass was fantastic, it had a magical sound, but too big for little me (John was a big man). So I had a girls version made just for me! Rob Green from Status put the workings of the Buzzard into a Carbon Fiber and graphite Stealth Bass! The resemblance of the sound is amazing and is key to the Soulweaver sound, it is hugely versatile and practical."

M uses Status Graphite Basses, a Hartke Bass attack pedal and a Standard Boss tuner pedal.