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The Goodges Shop

Writing & recording together as independent artists for over 22 years, this well respected husband & wife team have released a large and varied body of work. From classic to experimental rock and melodic acoustic albums, they are hugely experienced producers.


Scroll down and find out about our amazing albums and tracks. You can even buy a CD or listen to them on Spotify, Amazon, YouTube and Google Play.


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Firemore Beach

7 hugely powerful & diverse tracks of melody driven rock. Originally recorded in 2002, The Goodges decided to re-record and remaster this fantastic EP as part of their 15 years of music celebrations. It has turned out to be one of the recordings they are most proud of.

"Jubilant Guitars & Rousing Authoritarian Vocals" NME

You can download or stream Firemore Beach from the websites below.



Industria is a hugely experimental collection of 4 track recordings from 1997-2000.

16 original songs made using basic cassette home recording equipment and very low budget instruments and effects systems. They document an extremely experimental phase that has produced some very interesting and creative journeys into sound. You can download, stream or buy Industria from the websites below.


Can You Listen

With this stunning acoustic based album The Goodges show their range and dynamics in both performance and songwriting. 12 beautifully recorded and well crafted songs.

"Simply Marvellous" Paul Baker ARfm Soundscapes.

"This is one album where the opening track is great then every song is better than the previous one" DrWart Hoover Severn FM.

You can download, stream or buy Can You Listen from the websites below.



This is a very early recording and is being released as part of our 15 years of music celebrations. 6 of the tracks are some of the first self produced pieces in our own studio and mastered by Simon Murphy. Turnaround & Life were recorded before that at NRT studios with guests Alex Tsentides, Nathan Furness, Paul O'Neill and Lia Gray.


Mick Gooding

This stunning picture was painted by top pop artist Mick Gooding. We cannot thank him enough for his time & energy and for letting us use the image. You can checkout and buy more incredible images of true music legends by this formidable talent at his website below.


Yellow Mustang

We would also like to thank all the photographers who have taken so many great pictures of us, but in particular Marc McGarraghy at Yellow Mustang Photography has taken many which we have used in official capacities. You can find out more about this prolific music photographer at the website below.

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